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How Many Hidden Mickeys Can You Find in These Disney World Photos?

Have you ever wandered through Walt Disney World and thought you were seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere you looked? Turns out you weren't wrong—there are Hidden Mickeys all around the parks.  

Hidden Mickey ears at Disney Jay L. Clendenin/Getty Images

What are Hidden Mickeys?

Disney Imagineers have imbued many ordinary-looking parts of the parks with “Hidden Mickeys”: creatively concealed images of the world-famous mouse. With reportedly around 1,000 images secreted around the resort, Hidden Mickeys are great to search for when you’re stuck in line for a ride, pondering what EPCOT stands for, thinking about the differences between Disney World and Disneyland, or snacking on a frozen Dole Whip. However, they’re not on any park map or guide—they’re a Disney secret for savvy park-goers to spot on their own (but don’t worry, we’re giving you the skinny on how to spot the ones below!). The main thing to remember is the word “hidden.” Many of the hidden Mickeys comprise one large circle with two smaller “ear” circles on top. If the Mickey shape is really obvious, like the waffles served at breakfast or a full-color Mickey sticker, then it isn’t “hidden”; it’s simply a part of the Disney magic. Happy mouse hunting!

hidden mickey Courtesy The Walt Disney Company

All aboard the Mickey express

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you pass beneath the train station. As soon as you walk through, turn around and look up, and you’ll see the cleverly designed Hidden Mickeys in the metalwork, pictured above. The reason Disney World uses purple traffic signs actually sort of has to do with a “Hidden Mickey.”

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

It’s a small world…

At one of the Magic Kingdom’s best-known rides (you know, the one that will leave you with a perpetual earworm), while you float through the international array of children singing the “It’s a Small World” ditty, keep an out for these purple vine leaves as you head into the Africa area, where you’ll spot Mickey hiding.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Bird’s eye Mickey

If you’re flying into Orlando, be sure to keep an eye out for Hollywood Studios from the air; as you can see here, the entire entrance to the park is shaped like one big happy Mickey. Anyone who spots this hidden Mickey has a great eye for detail, but they may not be able to outsmart these optical illusions.

Hidden Mickeys Tower Of Terror Anne FritzAnne Fritz/

Tower of Terror Mickey

Back on the ground at Hollywood Studios, head to the Tower of Terror to find this eerie water stain image on the brick walls. (And don’t be frightened off by the screams you hear—it’s a Disney secret that they’re enhanced by a recording.)

Hidden Mickey Tower Of Terror 2 Anne FritzAnne Fritz/

Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Mickey

What’s the speck of dirt on the floor of Tower of Terror? Wait, that’s not dirt (or even a mosquito, since there are none at Disney)—it’s a tiny Mickey scuffed into the floor.

Hidden Mickeys Sci Fi Dine In Theater Anne FritzAnne Fritz/

Sci-fi Mickey

Built up an appetite from all that adrenaline at the Tower? Head to lunch nearby at the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater for an all-American burger and milkshake. While you’re here, check out the poster for the “Attack of the 50-foot Woman,” with Mickey’s yellow visage splashed across the brick wall in the background.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Quack, quack Mickey

When is a duck not a duck? When it’s swimming in the water outside Muppet*Vision 3D at Hollywood Studios, which is where you’ll find this fountain. Check out what’s floating by Gonzo’s foot.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

It’s time to get the Mickey hunt started

After the rollicking laughs of Muppet*Vision 3D, check out the sign in the exit queue; there’s a little Hidden Mickey staring at you from the sign (zero in at the left side of “#2”).

Hidden Mickeys Mama Melrose Anne FritzAnne Fritz/

Mangia Mickey

For a pasta feast, and yes, more Hidden Mickeys, take a break at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano in Hollywood Studios. Take a look at those bunches of grapes to the right—anything look familiar? And that large dot on the dog’s chest looks a lot like our favorite mouse, too…

Toy Story's hidden MickeyAnne Fritz/

Slinky Dog and a mouse hunt

Quick, Andy’s coming! Now’s the time to find the Hidden Mickey in this colorful poster near the entrance to Slinky Dog Dash, a family-friendly coaster in Toy Story Land, also in Hollywood Studios. On the poster, there’s an upside-down Mickey in the paper tear-out four places to the right of the blue pin. Another kid-pleasing ride at this park is Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which is filled with Hidden Mickeys, too!

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway hidden mickeysAnne Fritz/ (2)

Runaway Mickey

The new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is chock-full of Hidden Mickeys from beginning to end. A favorite are the ones that pop up in the factory scenes.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Norwegian Mickey

Let it go? Never! Keep an eye out for more Hidden Mickeys in Norway at Epcot, where you can find the perpetually popular Frozen ride. At the Summer House, where guests line up to meet Anna and Elsa in person, take a look at the cookie press on the wall: There’s another sweet Hidden Mickey surprise. Want to spot more Hidden Mickeys on your next trip? Ask Cast Members (aka employees) for hints. Curious about other Disney secrets? This is what it means if you see a cast member in a plaid vest.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Paint by Mickey

This Hidden Mickey can be spotted hanging on the wall of the American Adventure at Epcot; it’s in the theater where the Voices of Liberty perform stirring a cappella renditions of patriotic songs. (Need more help? Turn your gaze to the middle right of the photo on the bull’s side.) While you’re in the parks, don’t miss these amazing Disney treats, some of which are, yes, shaped like Mickey.

Grand Fiesta Hidden MickeyAnne Fritz/

Gran Fiesta fun

In the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot is the popular Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, a slow river ride that focuses on the much-maligned Donald Duck. But what’s that we see? Is it Mickey in that high-rise hotel window?

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Between a rock and a Mickey

You don’t need to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy the amazing safari lodge theming. Stop by to check out the great food and shopping, then go out back to the rock kopjes, where you can view animals on the back savanna. While you’re there, take a close look at the walls; this Hidden Mickey is hanging out within the rocks as you head out back. Speaking of Disney hotels, you won’t want to miss taking a peek inside Disney World’s most luxurious hotel room.

hidden mickey Courtesy The Walt Disney Company

Dino Mickey

To find this Hidden Mickey, head to DinoLand at Animal Kingdom and take a spin on Primeval Whirl. Don’t want to twirl? No problem; the sign is located on the exterior of the ride.

Mickey EarsCourtesy Disney

What big ears you have, Mickey!

Wondering where one of the biggest Hidden Mickeys is located? You’ll find it just outside the resort, shedding a lot of light on the parks; it can only be seen from the air. Any guesses? It’s the solar energy panels at Disney’s solar fields. In addition to two already existing solar arrays, two more are being built and are expected to go online around 2023. In total, Walt Disney World’s four solar facilities will generate up to 40 percent of its annual energy consumption, according to WDW News Today, which will be incredibly helpful for finding more Hidden Mickeys in the future! Next, check out these 50 secrets of Disney World’s Cinderella Castle.

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