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30 Emoji Riddles to Stump Your Friends

Put your skills to the test to see if you can crack these emoji riddles.

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Combined image of emojis and plus, Getty Images (12)

If you love Pictionary, you’ll absolutely get a kick out of these emoji riddles—and all you need is your phone. Text your friends to see if you can stump them or even share on Facebook for a larger group activity. While some are easier than others, they will certainly get you thinking. Maybe you can even come up with a few ideas of your own! If you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself beyond just these emoji riddles, try some rebus puzzles, these tricky “what am I?” riddles, and even get your children in on the fun with the best riddles for kids. And if those are even too easy for you, we guarantee these challenging riddles will trick you.

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Heart emoji + letter, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Let’s start simple

Answer: Love letter

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Watch emoji + dog, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: We could all use one of these

Answer: Watch dog

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Spider emoji + man, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: A classic

Answer: Spiderman

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Arrow pointing left emoji + Number 2 emoji + square emoji + Number 1

Riddle: Starting over

Answer: Back to square one

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Cassette emoji + caterpillar emoji (worm), Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Yucky

Answer: Tapeworm

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Magnifying glass emoji + fish, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: The search is on

Answer: Finding Nemo

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Earth emoji + cup, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: A large event

Answer: World cup

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Fishing emoji + Number 2 emoji (twice), Getty Images

Riddle: No escape

Answer: Catch-22

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Bee emoji + Arrow pointing right emoji + “Back”, Getty Images

Riddle: Later gater! 

Answer: Be right back

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Lion emoji + crown, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: The circle of life

Answer: The Lion King

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Mountain emoji + raindrop, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: A fizzy drink

Answer: Mountain Dew

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Star emoji + money, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: A little harder

Answer: Starbucks

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Ghost emoji + house, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Spooky

Answer: Haunted house

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Cat emoji + pointing emoji + hat, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Rhyming

Answer: The Cat in the Hat

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Angry emoji + man, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Seven seasons later…

Answer: Mad Men

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Finger holding up number one emoji + blue circle emoji + moon, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: So rare

Answer: Once in a blue moon

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Snowflake emoji + teacup, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Refreshing

Answer: Iced tea

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Face with mask emoji + two lamb, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Shh!

Answer: Silence of the Lambs

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Coffee cup emoji + heartbreak, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Time’s up

Answer: Coffee break

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Butter emoji + hand, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Yummy

Answer: Butterfingers

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Lion emoji + sleeping emoji + night, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Start singing

Answer: The lion sleeps tonight

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Clock emoji + hammer emoji + orange, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Dystopian crime

Answer: A Clockwork Orange

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Devil emoji + high heel emoji + handbag, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Meryl Streep’s finest

Answer: The Devil Wears Prada

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Rain emoji + cat emoji + dog, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Poor weather

Answer: Raining cats and dogs

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Waving emoji + sun, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Guess the animal

Answer: Bison

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Number 10 emoji + point right emoji + eyes, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Where do you live?

Answer: Tennessee

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Apple emoji + daytime emoji + doctor emoji + stop, Getty Images (4)

Riddle: Stay healthy

Answer: An apple a day keeps the doctor away

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Angry emoji + gas emoji + car, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: It’s a country

Answer: Madagascar

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Dancing emoji + star, Getty Images (2)

Riddle: Your favorite TV show

Answer: Dancing with the Stars

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Alien emoji + phone emoji + house, Getty Images (3)

Riddle: Elliot and Gertie 

Answer: ET phone home

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