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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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These Are the Airports With the Longest Wait Times in 2023

Knowing these wait times can help you make sure you never miss a flight!

5 Best Cat Carrier Backpacks for Hands-Free Adventuring with Your Feline

These affordable cat carrier backpacks make traveling with your pet a positive experience for everyone. They're super cute, too!

This Is Why You Should Never Get Ice In Your Drink While Flying

An iced beverage may sound like a refreshing option on a flight, but there's a reason you should avoid ordering...

8 Best Carry-On Luggage Bags for Any Type of Trip

We found the best carry-on luggage and bags for every budget to simplify the packing process and make traveling a...

The Real Reason We Cry on Airplanes

It's not just that emotional movie making you tear up.

You Should Never Use This Part of an Airplane Seat—Here’s Why

You might be thinking it's the tray table, but think again.

Meet K9 JETS: The Airline Changing the Way You Fly with Pets

Enjoy your next flight with your pet right by your side.

7 Best Cat Carriers for Safely Transporting Your Kitty (That Aren’t Impossible to Get Your Cat...

These carriers keep your cat comfortable and safe while traveling or visiting the vet, and most are airline approved!

This Airline Is Bringing Bunk Beds on Board—This Is What They Look Like

"It's time to swap the headrest for some bed rest," the airline tweeted.

How to Use a Flight Price Tracker to Get the Best Airfare Possible

Why spend a fortune on plane tickets when you don’t have to? Flight price trackers are the key to getting...

You Can Use This Code to Avoid Extra Airport Security Screenings

For travelers who feel they've been incorrectly added to security watch lists, the redress number can remove obstacles to travel.

Why You Should Always Check Your Plane Model On Seat Guru Before Flying

The plane model you fly affects comfort, overhead space and convenience. Choose the best seats by consulting sites like Seat...

This Google Flights Hack Will Show You the Lowest Price for Your Next Trip

Here's one way to save when booking your next flight. Try this hidden feature in Google Flights.

This Airline Was Just Named the No. 1 Airline in the World

I can personally attest that even economy class was luxurious.

DOT Launches Free Family Seating Airline Dashboard

Air travel just got a little bit easier for flying families.

This Is the Best Time to Ask for a Flight Upgrade

Don't give up on getting a paid upgrade. Just use these tips.

Here’s Why Your Summer Flight Plans Might Change Suddenly

Before you start jet setting, make sure to double check your flight time.

United Airlines Is Making a Big Change to Its Snack Menu

All passengers can indulge in the free menu options!

18 Amazon Travel Accessories That’ll Arrive in Time for Your Next Trip

These useful Amazon travel accessories will make flying the friendly skies or taking a road trip more fun and a...

13 Polite Habits Flight Attendants Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

Sometimes our good intentions can miss the mark when we're trying to be helpful on a flight. Here's what to...

This Is Why You Should Always Stay Buckled When Flying

One simple safety precaution could save your head in the case of an emergency.

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20 Best Travel Apps That Will Make Your Next Trip Better in Every Way

From flight tracking and route mapping to packing, booking and itinerary assistance, these are the top travel apps for business...

Everything You Need to Know About the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights

A new piece of legislation could make air travel infinitely less stressful.

This Is the Safest Seat on an Airplane

Anxious flyers, take note.

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You Can Fly All Summer Long for Just $399—Here’s How

Frontier airlines just made your summer plans easier than ever.

This Is the Best (and Worst!) Airline In the U.S.

Before you book your next flight, take note of the airlines that have been rated the best and the worst...

You Might Start Seeing This Brand New Airplane in the Near Future

Say hello to greener commercial flying with this NASA and Boeing collaboration.

The Safest—and Least Safe—Airlines of 2023

New data from Airline Ratings can help anticipant travels make safe, smart flight choices

Delta Airlines Is About to Roll Out Free Wi-Fi—Here’s What We Know

"It's here, it's fast and it's free," the airline states in a press release.

6 Travel Pillows That Experts Swear By for Sounder Sleep

For the comfiest flight ever, don't leave home without one of these fabulous travel pillows.